At the BCSF we are constantly fighting to keep our areas open. This fight is done mostly by volunteers and one paid staff who wears many other hats within the organization. The reason why we can only afford one person...people do not support their local club and therefore the BCSF. We have no voice when it comes to land closures because only 14% of snowmobilers in BC join a club. The rest either buy a day pass or believe it is their right to ride for free on crown land. Here is a little graphic on where that attitude has got us to today. We have gone from 15% protected land in 1993 to 45% in 2013. That has tripled in 20 years. What do you think it will look like in another 20? Where do you think you are going to ride?

Please join a BC snowmobile club this season and add your voice to the fight! If we double our membership we can double our voice. If every snowmobiler bought a membership the fight would be easy!

(Information Courtesy of BCSF)