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General Meeting of the Timberline Cruisers Snowmobile Club  

Season Start Zoom Meeting Meetings

September 30, 2021 - 7:00pm

Present: Leah Ward, Monika Vegara, Bob Reichert, Nadine McEwen, Greg & Szilvia Devereaux,

Dylan McEwen, Chris Lytle

  1. Approval of the Meeting Agenda.
  2. Additions to the agenda
  3. Financial report
    1. Currently $62,592.00
    2. Groomer repair estimation costs
      1. Motion: Groomer team to have up to $8,000 for repair/maintenance needs
      2. Motion: To research a new groomer that will meet the needs of both Rabbitt and Lodestone Trails. Fundraising will continue and sale of current groomer(s) to support this expense.
    3. Grant application
      1. Ski-Doo Snow Pass            $5,000 ‘Get Our Groom On’
      2. Application completed. Fingers crossed.
    4. Memberships are rolling in  - An Season Opener email to club membership will go out soon.
    5. Sponsorships – Info packages will go out soon to our regular sponsors. Let me know if you have anyone I should approach.
    6. Fundraising
      1. Fire wood Sale – Nov 13
      2. Team to go out and pick up logs for sale. Request for support from Weyerhaeuser is going out. Volunteers required for pre-prep and sale date. No large trailers and no deliveries.
      3. Other ideas – Caitlin is looking into a few FUNraising ideas
      4. Outdoor events are being considered that meet BC Health Orders (COVID)
        1. Avalanche course
        2. Girls – Learn to ride
        3. Poker Run?? Potential date in January or February– Sign for Casey and Sarah
        4. Dance – currently no dancing allowed.
  4. Trail Maintenance
    1. Kiosk building team for the Coalmont Mine required.
    2. Trail prep – 10kms on Rabbitt requires brush cut back
    3. Warming Shelters – Clean up needed & signage changes. Firewood team required.
  5. AGM – TBA - November



General Meeting of the Timberline Cruisers Snowmobile Club     

 Zoom Meeting Minutes

February 24, 2021 – 6:30-7:30pm

Present: Nadine McEwen, Leah Ward, Chris Lytle, Dylan McEwen, Caitlin Merenick, Monika Vegara, Bob Reichert, Greg Devereaux, Szilivia Devereaux, Dave Dobie, Carol Soderstrom, Bill Reichert

  1. Approval of the Meeting Agenda.
  2. Additions to the agenda
  3. KUDOS – To our fabulous grooming team who are giving a lot of time to keep our groomers repaired and our trails in good shape after a lot of use this season.
  4. 2020-2021 Membership- Current 201 active members
  5. BC Recreation Sites and Trails COVID Winter Operation Plan
    1. We meet the standard of care for a warming hut at both trailers
  6. Financial report (Monika Vegara)
    1. Budget for 2021-2022 season
      1. Bank Balance $62,756.31 as of Feb.24, 2021
      2. This seasons Profit/Loss Report
        1. Current we have a profit of $5,299.97 to continue to support of current season. Memberships, Sponsorships and Donations have allowed our club to operate this season without dipping into our savings and without event fundraisers.
      3. Donation - $3,530.00 is on its way from ‘The Friends of the Timberline Cruisers’ – Thank you for your support!
    2. Groomer costs so far this season- $9,904.17
      1. Several costly repairs have been done to our aging machines.
      2. Lodestone is having increased riders resulting in our little groomer needing to be replaced with a groomer with a tiller. The drag is not cutting it anymore.
      3. The Rabbit Groomer is scheduled for replacement this year.
      4. MOTION: To purchase two groomers and sell the current groomers. Accepted.
      5. Discussion: Chris and Bill will make an offer for replacing the Lodestone Groomer with one that is currently available. Current cost of $28,000.00 before negotiations.
      6. Research will begin for updating the Rabbit Mountain Groomer.
    3. Groomer Home, Dressing Area and Parking Lot on Riddell Creek
      1. Awaiting a response from government for our request. It needs to go through several different agencies. We will continue to request updates as we wait for approval.
    4. Grant opportunities
      1. BC Recreation Sites and Trails BC ORV Trail Fund
        1. The club will submit a $5,000 grant request to assist with trail maintenance and support for groomer costs.
      2. BCSF Membership Drive-Continue to encourage membership into our club. $500 prize for the clubs with the largest % increase of members from last season.
      3. BCSF Mapping from clubs $200
      4. BCSF Tourism Snowmobile Video Grant $2500

Meetings will continue as a zoom meetings due to Health Regulations.


Annual General Meeting of the Timberline Cruisers Snowmobile Club                             

Zoom Mtg Minutes

Wednesday, November 25,  2020  6:30pm

In Attendance: Nadine McEwen, Leah Ward, Monika Vegara, Bob Reichert, Greg and Szilvia Devereaux, Carol Soderstrom, Gary Dobie, Ashely Tullis, Kyle Morosse, Caitlin Merenick

  1. Approval of the Meeting Agenda.
  2. Additions to the agenda
  3. Chair report – Nadine
    1. COVID information – A plan has been submitted to BC Rec Sites, Signage and Hand Sanitizer will be delivered to the warming trailers. Information is also posted on our website. A plan for WCB has also been developed. All volunteers need to be in masks for work tasks and in the groomer with others.
    2. Brochures – Sam has completed the brochures and 300 are printed to be available at the Tulameen Trading Post and Reichert Sales and Service. Once the Visitor Centre re-opens in Princeton some will be dropped off there as well.
    3. Groomer Shack- Awaiting permission from RBC Rec Sites. Hopefully we can move forward in 2021.
    4. BCSF – Monthly zoom meetings for clubs for anyone who wishes to participate.
    5. Groomer hours from last year are needed for the yearly BC Government Reporting for our trail agreement.
  4. Financial report – Monika Vegara – our finances are in good shape due to past fundraising efforts. This season will rely on membership, sponsorship and donations.
  5. Sponsorship
    1. $4,250 thus far paid
    2. Newbies include Kellet Plumbing, Protec and Dogwood
  6. Events/FUNraisers – No events are able to be planned at this time due to BC Health Orders. It is a wait and see kind of thing. An idea to host a scavenger hunt for the month of February will be discussed so families can go out on their own to have some fun.
  7. Groomer Report Update – Groomers are going through maintenance to prep for the snow season.
  8. Trailers –
    1. The Lodestone Trailer roof is on, a sliding door is installed and the new fire place is in. It will be located on Rabbitt Mtn this season as the updated was not completed before the early snow.
  9. Trail Maintenance – Any trail maintenance groups need to report when they are going out and names for insurance coverage.
  10. Elections of 2020-2021 Board Members

No new applicants for any positions. The Board stands as:

  1. President – Nadine McEwen
  2. Vice President – Leah Ward
  3. Secretary – Ashley Tullis
  4. Treasurer – Monika Vegara
  5. Director – Caitlin Merenick  (Events/FUNraising)
  6. Director – Greg Devereaux (Groomer Maintenance)
  7. Director – Bob Reichert (Logging Communication)
  8. Director – Chris Lytle
  9. Director- Dylan McEwen
  10. Director – Kyle Morosse
  1. Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm


General Meeting of the Timberline Cruisers Snowmobile Club                                                                                     

Pre-Season Discussion Minutes

September 20, 2020

Things on the go:

  1. Exciting that we now have a sister club Timberline Cruisers ATV Club– 60ish members so far.
  2. BCSF Membership drive has started. Early bird prizes from BCSF.
  3. Emailed Letters to Rec Site and Minister Donaldson regarding the importance of the KVR to the Cruisers. ATVBC has taken the lead on this.A meeting this Wednesday, Sept 23 10am for a site visit with RDOS Justin Shuttleworth (RDOS) of the KVR starting at White Sands (re-decking assessment of 2 trestles) then a visit to the trestle removal site. Cruiser members Greg, Tom and Bill attended to represent our club.
  4. Kiosk maps will be delivered for October 10 – 2 8X4 signs to be located on Lodestone mountain at the mine and on Rabbit mountain at Lawless and Ridell creek. A small sign will be located on the Tulameen Trading Post. Design was donated by Sam McEwen Designs
  5. Cruisers Map Brochures are in the works and will include the map, pilot project of Tulameen ORV travel, sponsors, Club information, safe travel and introduce the our sister club Timberline Cruisers ATV
  6. COVID – Awaiting word from Rec Sites regarding COVID protocol and signage for warming trailers.
  7. Lodestone trailer – Equity Painters is assisting in painting the trailer. It will be moved to a new location 17kms on Lodestone Mountain for better access.
  8. Groomers – Greg will be working on preparing the large groomer for the season. Repair and maintenance are required.
  9. Storage container on Ridell Creek landing is awaiting notification if this can be done from Crown.
  10. Fundraising – Sadly we are limited on our FUNraisers this year due to COVID .There is no dance this year. Will watch COVID protocols to see if a poker run is feasible.
    1. Firewood Sales will remain – Oct 3 from cutting and splitting, Oct 10 & Nov 7 for sale dates
    2. T-shirts – T-shirt and Sweatshirt sales are being looked into.
  11. Trail Maintenance – Will send out a request for those who enjoy local trails to help with removing fallen tree, overgrown brush and large rocks. 
  12. AGM – Will host in November – may have to be just the Executive as we await COVID Protocols




Club Social Update on December 29, 2019 @ Rabbit Mountain

Approximately 80 sledders attended a fun afternoon at the Rabbit Trailer for a visit, hot dog, playing in the cut blocks and club update. Thank you Rooster and Tracey for grooming the Rabbit Trail for a nice ride to the Trailer.

Update review:

Current membership is 155 active members. Membership is important for various reasons-it supports our local club in operating costs and maintaining 2 groomers, providing warming trailers on 2 mountains, club events. Membership supports the BCSF who is our snowmobiling voice at the Provincial and Federal levels. Help protect our riding areas by joining our club. 

Trails - Thanks to those who spend time on the trails, clearing debris and grooming.  New directional signs are going up on Lodestone this month. Watch for deactivation on the Riddel Creek FSR and a few FSR's closer to Tulameen. Our club is working with BC Rec Sites and BC Timbers to correct these in the spring. Note that in 2020 there will be active logging in the Champion Creek area which will result in deactivation when they are done. Again our club is working with them to determine the extent of the deactivation.

Future endeavors - Our club is looking into the development of a grooming shed for maintenance, parking lot and dressing trailer on the Riddel Creek - Lawless FSR. This requires an agreement with government but we are hopeful. We are also looking into the cost to replace a groomer in 2020-2021.

Upcoming Event - Poker Run January 25, 2020 - route to be determined - dependent on snow. Volunteers are needed to support pre-work trail prep, firewood for the stops, prize draws, and on the event day with stop volunteers, bbq operators. If you are able to help please email


Timberline Cruisers Snowmobile Club

General Meeting – Tuesday December 3, 2019 @ Trading Post


Present: Bob Reichert, Monika Vegara, Greg Devereaux, Tom & Sue Steele, Chris Lytle, Leah Ward, Mike Vanderguilk, Bill Reichert, Dylan McEwen, Gary Dobie, Carol Soderstrom, Nadine McEwen (Skped in)


 Meeting Began at 7:08pm

  1. Approved meeting agenda
  2. Additions to Agenda - None
  3. Chair Report – (Nadine)
  • Thank you to our club volunteers/members for ongoing help & support
  • Big thank you to Caitlin & Danielle for all their efforts on a successful dance
  1. Princeton Search & Rescue – Looking for a local rep to work with them on searches in our area. If anyone is interested in volunteering contact Nadine to discuss.
  2. Summit seekers - Looking for help grooming on their end, Mike V will ask around Princeton & see if anyone is interested.
  3. Financial Report - $60,766.02 In the bank

               Long weekend fundraising was very successful!

               Wood sales: $6,790.00                                    Silent auction: $2,592.00

               Booze basket: $690.00                                    Door & drink tickets: $5,247.00

               Dance tickets sold: $2,940.00                     Membership: $3,043.00

               Sponsorship: $4,500.00

               TOTAL = $15,105.20 (after expenses)

  1. Membership – Approx 140-150 active members (including companies)
  2. Kiosk’s – On hold until the Spring. Leah has spoken with PSS and they have  expressed interest in helping with the building of kiosks.
  3. Trails – Thank you to Bill for the ongoing help working with reps regarding the deactivations on Riddell FSR and closer to Tulameen.
  • Thoughts are it is too late to properly fix this year
  • Will flag off for riders to be warned along with signage, emails & social media notices.
  1. Trailers – Thank you Bob for the delivery & everyone who spent time helpingstock the trailers for upcoming season!
  • Loadstone trailer is in need of a BBQ propane tank, which can be taken up in the groomer.
  • Loadstone is not insulated & is a project for next summer
  • Spray the ceiling at rabbit next summer
  1. Groomer’s – Both are good to go!
  • 4 heated mirrors have been ordered for groomers.
  • Nadine has log books for both
  • If work is needed/being done please record your time & let Nadine know. 
  • Will be leaving little groomer @ loadstone mine, contact Kyle when needed to get in & out.
  • Bob has a fuel tank we can use & leave with the groomer
  • We have ¾ full tank of fuel currently
  • Bill will take care of grooming schedule for Loadstone & Greg will take care of grooming schedule for Rabbit
  • Sell the small drag in the summer & replace

Misc. Business….

-Structure for groomer shelter is proposed possibly on Jim’s land or crown land.

  • Roof & 2 containers is approx. $15,000 w/ generator. Delivery is additional


  • Chris will report back to the club with additional information, cost’s & idea’s than we will discuss & take it to membership to vote.

-Club event Sunday Dec 29, 2019 at Rabbit Mountain trailer, will give members a brief club update

-Poker Run Saturday January 25, 2020 – More info to come

Motion to adjourn at 8:02pm