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Trail Conditions

A reminder to check out our Timberline Cruisers Snowmobile Club Facebook page for your most up to date information.

BRRRAAAPPP - Ride Smart and Ride Smart - Enjoy our trials and facilities at your own risk.


March 12 - Rabbitt Mtn was groomed including the turn off to Boulder!

March 12 - Lodestone Mtn was groomed from River Road to Olivine down Blakeburn to the Pickle back to Lodestone Lake and home to the mine.

Feb 26 - Our groomers were out today taking care of our trails. River Road is groomed and so is the Rabbit Loop. There is reports of new snow on the trails.

Feb 16 - CAUTION - The Coquihala Club has reported that logging has returned to the Tulameen FSR from 10k to 26km.

Feb 12- The little groomer went for a cruise along River Road to the Tulameen FSR and back to smooth out it out.

Feb 10 - What a beautiful day to be out grooming our two mountains! The Lodestone trail from the Mine, along Blakeburn past the Olivine Trailer and pack to its home on River Road. The full Rabbitt Mountain trails were done!

Feb 5 - Rabbitt is groomed along Riddell Creek to the Rabbitt Trails and back.

Jan 29 - Groomed trail along the Lawless FSR to Henning.

Jan 16 - Thank you to a small group of dedicated volunteers who went out to clear blow down this past week on the Olivine, Rabbitt and River Road Trails.

Jan 9 - Jordie Cook logging will be moving equipment on Blakeburn FSR (Lodestone) this weekend. Please radio up when traveling on Blakeburn. Blakeburn FSR is an active logging road this winter. 

Jan 9 - Thank you to Greg for bringing Szilvia on a date in the groomer to groom all the Rabbitt Trails. Done is Ridell Creek, Lawless, Yamaha, Cooks, Rabbitt including the sleigh hill at the trailer. New snow reported.

Jan 8 - Thank you to Dobie and Bill for grooming the Olivine Trail to the Trailer today. New snow is reported in the hills.

Jan 2 - Thank you Rob Hopkins of Big White Resort for visiting Tulameen to fix our groomer on the trail. A new computer is installed and the groomer is on the move. Greg and Llyod have groomed to the trailer and back along Riddell.

Dec 31 - CAUTION - Please note that the groomer remains on the Rabbitt FSR. Our dedicated volunteers have put in two days of their valuable time trying to fix the groomer. A professional will be attending on Saturday morning.

Dec 31 - The Lodestone Groomer was out grooming the Olivine to the trailer tonight.

December 29 - CAUTION - The Rabbitt Groomer is broken down on the Rabbitt FSR just before the Boulder turn off. It is blocking the trail. Our team will be out in the morning to access in the daylight.

December 29 - River Road was groomed to the Tulameen FSR and back. Thanks Bill and Candace.

December 28 - Our two groomers were out this afternoon. Lodestone is groomed from the Coalmont Mine to the Olivine and along River Road to the Turners property in Tulameen. Note: The road into Tulameen is graded with snow on it. 

Rabbitt Mountain is groomed along Lawless Creek towards Henning, along Yamaha trail back to Rabbitt. Note: Lawless Creek FSR from Tulameen is graded with snow on it to the Rabbit FSR turn off.

December 21 - It's snowing in Tulameen with heavy wet snow! 

December 17 - The Rabbit Mtn Groomer did a loop along Riddell Creek to Rabbit Mtn over towards Henning and back along Lawless Creek. Tanner reports that there is a thin base so be careful if you play. Llyod ploughed the new parking lot on Riddell Creek just after the new kiosk off Lawless Creek.

December 4 - Groomer went out to smooth out the Riddell Creek to Rabbit Trailer. Road riding is good but still need a good base before playing. Watch out for those hidden stumps!

November 2020 -Snow came early this year. A few daring souls have gone out already and report -stick to the roads. There is not enough snow for the groomers just yet. The warming trailer on Lodestone has been moved to its new home on the Olivine FSR about 0.5kms from the Lodestone FSR. Face coverings are required inside and outside when using the trailer with a max of 4 people within to ensure social distancing.


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