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Trail Conditions

Dated trail and groomer reports can be found after the TRAILS OF NOTE information.


A reminder to check out our Timberline Cruisers Snowmobile Club Facebook page for your most up to date information.

BRRRAAAPPP - Ride Smart and Ride Smart - Enjoy our trials and facilities at your own risk.

2021-2022 Season

IMPORTANT: Due to the destructive flooding in the Tulameen/Coalmont Area please use caution when snowmobiling in local mountains. There are a number of trails with debris, washouts and no bridges.

Please report any trail conditions to or PM to our facebook page.

Our team welcomes support in clearing trees and brush debris from the trails.

Please remember to clear wide enough for the groomer to get through.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to assess our trails.



Rabbitt Mountain Trails are open

Riddell Creek FRS - Rabbitt FSR 

Lawless to Rabbitt FSR - Cooks Landing - Yamaha Trail 

NOTE that the washout at 6km on Lawless is fixed - the road is graded to 6km 

Lodestone Mountain - Parking at the Mine is Open

Lodestone FSR to Lodestone Lake around to the Pickle and out to the playground are open.



Reported so far!

OLIVINE TRAIL IS CLOSED - There is a large washout on the mountain side of the bridge. The BRIDGE is unsafe.

RIVER ROAD CLOSED - The second Bridge on River Road is out and unsafe to cross.

LAWLESS FSR - Washout between the Yamaha Trail and Britton/Lawless turn off towards the Coquihala/Henning..

KVR - It is so sad to report that the KVR sustained multiply washouts between Tulameen, Coalmont and Princeton

The Bridge at Koller Ranch was under repair prior to flooding – no completion date supplied


THE COQUIHALA SNOWMOBILE CLUB has sent word to our club that they have not been able

to access their trails due to highway closures to them. An Arial view of their trails shows the following:

Britton FSR - Washout at 7KM

The Log bridge from 10km Tulameen FSR over to 3km Britton FSR  is gone

10km Trail up from Tulameen FSR has a small washout

2Km on Tulameen FSR has a big washout.


Feb 28 - Rabbitt Groomed 

Feb 27 - Lodestone Groomed from the Mine to Playground and back along Slate.

Feb 18 - Rabbitt Mountain Loop groomed.

Feb 11 - Poker Run Grooming Team smoothed out the Rabbitt Mountain Loop.

Feb 9 - The Cruiser Young Guns split firewood for the Rabbitt Trailer.

Jan 28 - Groomed is the Rabbitt Mountain Loop!

Jan 23 - Lodestone Loop Groomed!

Jan. 7 - GREAT NEWS! A new heart is on its way for our groomer from Alberta! 

Dec 27 - Bad News! Our large groomer has blown a motor. We are actively looking for a replacement motor or groomer. We appologize for this bad news as we did not want to start our season this way.

Dec 22 - The Rabbitt Mountain Loop was groomed. Lawless Creek FSR 6km washout has been repaired. Lawless is graded to 6kms or so. Groomed from 6km to Cooks Landing to Rabbitt Mountain Trailer to Riddell Creek and home to the parking lot on Riddell Creek -near the kiosk on Lawless. Thank you Tanner and Jutt for going out, clearing debris and filling in creeks.

Dec. 15, 2021- Groomer Report - The groomer is receiving maintenance with large repairs taking place. Our grooming team were put on hold for a few weeks due to the flooding situation in Tulameen and the communities needs for support in clean up. The team is back at it and hopes to be able to begin grooming near Christmas.

October 28 - First snowfall hits Tulameen! Should make it fun for the Trick and Treaters on Halloween if it sticks around. Bring on the snow in the mountains!





Avalanche Conditions

Check the Avalanche Conditions on the

Avalanche Canada Website