BCSF Spring Club Fun Day

These events are reserved on a first come-first served basis.  They are hosted by VARDA and intended for club representatives and their families attending the AGM in Valemount April 1st. 


Sunday Field Day VARDA Concept

The idea is to break the group down into smaller more manageable groups.  This is for safety of everyone as well as enjoyment by all parties.  We want to showcase Valemount the best we can with the little time everyone is here.

VARDA representatives will guide groups through the backcountry in manageable parties based on skill level and desire for the day.  Everyone must be pre-assigned.  Ratios are strict and are on a first come first serve basis.  Given enough notice we can create additional groups or adjust skill levels required.

Absolutely no alcohol or drugs will be tolerated. 

All riders are expected to come prepared with good running equipment full of fuel and oil.  Equipped with avalanche gear (transceiver, shovel and probe) and all necessary gear for a day in the backcountry

All destinations are weather dependant.

Clemina Creek  is very accessible to all levels of riding ability and all levels can find suitable terrain. In times of poor weather and visibility, this area can produce some excellent tree riding. The trails to the alpine of Clemina Creek are wide and easy to ride and a 25km long trail brings you to our newest alpine cabin.

Allen Creek is our most popular area as its lakes, bowls, meadows, and steep hills make it a favorite. With elevation ranges from 5500 ft. – 7500 ft., this is a very large area and only the experienced should travel to the far ends. Family riding can be found around the cabin and lakes as soon as you enter the alpine.  The 8km trail from the parking lot to the cabin is regularly groomed with a fast elevation gain that gets you up top in a hurry. It can be done by children, but expect some steeper sections.

Oasis The access to the alpine is fast and furious 10 km mix of roads, cut blocks and trees. Quick elevation gains and losses along with very rugged terrain characterize this whole area, creating a wonderful challenge for the snowmobile rider with advanced riding, avalanche knowledge and safety experience

02 Apr 2017
8:00am - 5:00pm PDT

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  • Valemount, BC V0E, Canada

Day Care can be arranged if needed.  Please contact the BCSF or VARDA directly well in advance to make arrangements.