Groomer Updates
The Timberline Cruisers operate 2 groomers on 2 local mountains! Rabbitt Mountain and Lodestone Mountain.

Membership, sponsorship, donations, grants and fundraising support the operation of the cruiser groomers all season long.


Feb 29- Rabbitt Mountain Groomer went out to do the loop. Reports of new snow on the hills!

*Record low snow fall is resulting in reduced grooming operations.

Feb. 16 Rabbitt Mountain loop groomed. Reports of snow not being too bad considering we haven't had enough.

Feb 9 Lodestone Mtn loop Goomed past Lodestone Lake. Olivine groomed the best the crew to do. Lack of snow is makes it hard to groom.

Jan 18 - Rabbit Mtn loop groomed.

The Snow has arrived! Rabbitt Mountain is scheduled to be groomed Friday, January 12! Watch for pictures on facebook.

*Weyerhaeuser Logging Operations will be completed around December 27, 2023 on Lodestone Mountain. They are working on cutblocks located at 9 & 10km Lodestone/Deer Mtn. Loads are being delivered up Lodestone, down Blakeburn and through Coalmont. If traveling on these roads, please radio to ensure safety.